UFO Tops—An Identified Spinning Toy With A Story

Created by Plexity Labs

Metal spinning top with enhanced spin grip & ceramic ball tip to produce long spin times. Based on documented UFO sightings!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We need your help!
7 months ago – Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 12:54:59 PM

Hello backers-

We love the crowdfunding experience which affords us and the opportunity to connect with you. We would love to hear about your experience so far. Your responses will hep us make a better product. Please take a minute to answer this short questionnaire.


Eric and Chris

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372% Funded! And and new way to spin!
7 months ago – Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 05:18:19 AM

HELLO Backers,

Thank you for sharing our campaign and the stories of Cussac, Rendlesham and Roswell. We hope to bring to light many, more UFO sightings in the future!

We are thrilled to have 190 backers and counting. 372% is a big number and we are excited to see it grow. Can we hit 500%? 

We are also excited to share with you the SIDEWINDER spin. All three tops can be spun using this method: 

  • hold the top like you would spin a large coin such as a quarter
  • spin quickly
  • tada!

Here is a quick video demo and a fun little collision:

Eric and Chris

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Psychedelic Steel and Quick Tutorial
7 months ago – Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 05:03:06 AM

Hello Backers!

Today was huge. Many of you upgraded to stainless steel and some of you had questions of how to add on additional tops such as Psychedelic Steel. Here is a quick tutorial:

1. Head over to our page: https://bit.ly/2ktPPIw, make sure you are logged into Kickstarter.

At the top of the page you will see Manage your pledge button in green. Click.

 2. Next click on Change your pledge

3. Last, update your pledge amount, increase it by $22 for every stainless steel model you want. Then click continue to finalize the update.

Thanks everyone.

Eric and Chris

 GPCA Carabiner - Most Funded Carabiner Ever
Our friends over at GPCA built the utility CARABINER, and we’re BIG FANS!
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We have some exciting news!
7 months ago – Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 11:12:01 PM

Hello Backers!

Today we are excited to announce Psychedelic Steel - models made of heat-treated stainless steel! The stainless steel models are a must have for collectors. They are over 2X heavier, spin longer and exhibit a brilliant display of purple, blue, green colors. They are really fun. Each is unique due to the heat-treatment process. We know you'll enjoy these, especially those who like a little extra heft.

If you already looking to add Psychedelic Steel to an existing pledge, simply increase your pledge by $22 for every additional model you would like us to ship you. At the end of the campaign we will collect your information about which model you want. 

Example - If I wanted 3 aluminum tops and one psychedelic steel model, you would order the Aluminum Basic Fleet (3-Pack) for $34 and add $22 for Psychedelic Steel to the pledge for a total of $56. This will allow you to mix and match at your leisure.  If this is confusing please send us a message. 

Thanks Eric and Chris.

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200% Funded and a guest!
7 months ago – Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 03:21:23 AM

We at UFO Tops and our friend Owlette give you a hearty thank you! We are thrilled to have met this milestone and we still have some time to go. 

Eric and Chris.